About us

Pink&Mix is the social media and web services solutions provided by Pink Mac Group.

Social Media requires commitment and investment, and that’s how we help. We don’t charge the earth, and our approach is always tailored to you and the needs of your business.

If you’re thinking about getting social or digital, give us a try!

Our commitment

All of our work is 100% skills based and we know our stuff. That’s why we make this commitment to our clients’ (ask them yourselves!):

  • We never use automation software or robots for social media
  • We handle all accounts in-house and all our team are advanced social media and web trained from our home – C4Di in Hull
  • Working with us will protect you from infringing copyright – all images we use are royalty free
  • We are big on words, all posts are checked for spelling and grammar
  • Pink and Mix will never get you in trouble – our team are trained in posting appropriately and professionally and in dealing with situations when things go wrong. We also help with complaints and issues, and handling professionally.

Why we are successful?

Our statistics speak for themselves. We have 50 years collective experience in web, advertising and social media, meaning we are able to combine these to achieve success for our clients.

Some of our statistics:

  • We manage 13, 125 followers on behalf of our clients
  • We manage 14, 020 Facebook likes on behalf of our clients
  • Our engagement scores on Facebook are approximately 25 times the expected average
  • We manage over 80 websites and build 200 new sites every year

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Pink Mac Group
C4DI @ The Dock
31 – 38 Queen Street

01482 223 817


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